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Vibrant Days…
Flourishing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity
October 2023

Hello Sensitive Friends,

Thinking of you as it feels odd putting things on the November calendar. The magnificent leaves that demanded my attention are suddenly all over the ground. It felt bittersweet ending our last group outside. The river and all that surrounds it made for the perfect office. It was surreal to share that space with other sensitive souls learning and laughing together. The good news is I ventured forward (with trepidation) to continue the group online and my concerns were replaced with appreciation that sensitive souls are behind the faces on the screen. Oh what a joy that is.

With winter and holidays around the corner I’m pondering what feels essential to not think I can live like the other 80%. Alas this will require hard and unpopular choices should I make them. We’ll be discussing topics like this in my December Riverbank groups so if you haven’t tried one give it some thought. I have a sense you’ll be glad you did.

In the meantime, don’t miss what Nature is offering you today.

And as always, we are in this together,


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“We navigate the dark and swim in the light.” Paula D’Arcy

In this together,