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Thriving at the Riverbank

The Mystical Practicality of ‘Thriving at the Riverbank’

Thriving at the Riverbank is an educational support group for highly sensitive people.

Doesn’t that sound awful?

Let’s try this again. Imagine a grove of stately oaks backed up to a deep, flowing river. All around are millions of creatures – large and small – who flourish under the protection of the trees and water. Small beneath the canopy of leaves, a group of human guests enjoy the company of geese and squirrels, the deep rush of the river, and a scented breeze. These humans are keenly attuned to their natural hosts and to each other. Their conversation ebbs as flows like the river, is infused with laughter and tears, and is without shame. A kind, committed sage offers insight, empathy, and guidance as the group explores new territory and relearns old truths. The time they have together is both a minute and an eternity; each member traversing their own galaxy within the safety of the others. As the journey closes, the small community disbands – exhausted, renewed, and profoundly grateful for the kinship of their peers and the wisdom of their guide.

In less mystic terms, Thriving at the Riverbank is designed to bring highly sensitive people together for HSP-specific learning in a space that is safe and encouraging of personal exploration. The group nature of the Thriving sessions offers mutual support, encouragement, and challenge.

Though Thriving carries the somewhat intimidating label of “psychoeducation”, each lesson on the trait of High Sensitivity is insightful, encouraging, and enjoyable. The monthly sessions and individual meetings have their own focus, and the enriching conversation flows with the needs of the group. The Thriving topics include foundational HSP principles, the nuances of relationship for HSPs, and even holiday survival techniques.

Thriving’s founder, HSP expert Candy Crawford, is a skilled educator. Her intuitive style supports group members’ inquiry and application of presented material in a gentle, personal manner. Hosted both in-person and online, Thriving participants will find themselves warmly welcomed, fully accepted, and insightfully challenged.

Though the process of self-discovery may feel like an epic quest, Thriving offers sojourners a clear map, the fellowship of equally brave companions, and the support of an experienced guide.


Highly Sensitive People make up 20% of the population worldwide. They are integral members of our communities, workplaces, schools, and families. They bring with them tremendous potential and insight – often untapped. How can that potential be unlocked?

As a high sensitivity specialist, Candy Crawford, LCSW partners with you to do just that. Mentored by HSP pioneer, Dr. Elaine Aron, Candy has developed a wide range of tools and services to support the flourishing of HSPs and those around them. As an author, a teacher, and a highly sensitive person, Candy is uniquely able to tailor her information and delivery to meet clients’ needs and goals.

Candy’s consulting services focus on the flourishing of HSPs and those around them – no matter the setting. Whether you aim to better support and integrate HSPs in your business; help highly sensitive children thrive at school or home; or need to understand how to better navigate a romantic relationship with an HSP, Candy can help you.