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Vibrant Days…
Flourishing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity
November 2022

I’m bundled up beside the window waiting for first light, attempting to form a habit as Midwest winter sunrises and sunsets are spectacular.

The holidays have arrived. Oof, it’s all so much. As I inch forward I’m leaning into a few things that strengthen well-being and increase my awareness of all that is good. First I’m viewing my sensitivity as an asset. What this looks and feels like for each of us varies and is not only good for us but for the world. Second, I’m becoming a deliberate thinker. What is this? It’s realizing how I view anything will strongly and I mean strongly impact my experience. Third, less is more. Whether it’s gift giving or meal planning I can afford to dial it down a bit. Can I even remember what gifts I opened last year? (well maybe one and I ended up returning it…an inflatable kayak). Did anyone even read the book I could not wait to hand them? (well maybe one but she is a professional writer). And aren’t the best gifts what you can’t order from Amazon like looking into the eyes of a friend you feel safe with or recognizing the sound of an owl in the night or spotting a dog in a car packed full of people. Fourth: turn off phone. And last but not least, offer myself what most highly sensitive souls need: moments of gentle silence. Gentle meaning what I think about when I enter that quiet space and thinking thoughts that generate peaceful sensations.

On we go gentle souls we are in this together,


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This is fascinating and a change agent.

In my quest to understand:

What I’m pondering:

The silence of the storm dominated everything. There are no words to describe a quiet so potent. I knew the snow was echoing a stillness that exists, hidden, in everything. I do not understand how I suddenly knew this, but the knowledge filled me. I saw that this stillness generates all life. And sitting there in the snow, I wept at the profound sound and power of that silence. It was hard to witness its beauty, knowing I’d lived many years never suspecting it was there.

~ from A NEW SET OF EYES by Paula D’Arcy


In this together,