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Vibrant Days…
Flourishing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity
May 2021

Ten Things Saving My Life Right Now 

I recently enjoyed an episode from The Lazy Genius Podcast entitled 10 Things Saving My Life Right Now and thought hey what a practical and compelling topic to explore. So, here goes. Here are 10 things saving my life which you may or may not find useful. 

1- Just about everyday I engage in an exercise I learned from Law of Attraction material called Rampage of Appreciation. It’s quick and has immediate impact. The key is to rest a second after naming (or writing) each one and attempt to lean into the feeling that is associated with it. These can be anything. I have listed ones like “I have a brain that can find new perspectives on just about every situation in my life” or “I get to sleep on the softest sheets ever” or “I was able to walk freely without pain through the forest preserve inhaling the aroma from the crabapples.” The thought builds positive energy and momentum and shifts energy from within. I’ve done this often in the night when I can’t sleep and lift my fingers in the air to count to ten as I build my list. 

2- Each day I get myself outside and walk. My first choice is always in the forest preserve. Many days I do not have full energy and it feels strenuous for the first 15 minutes but the endorphins jump in and Nature begins to shift things in my brain chemistry and delight me with its extraordinary gifts. It doesn’t have to be a long walk but each one I take I’m always glad I did. 

3- I’m purposely DOing less these days. As rewarding as it is to get things done and check things off my to do list I am actually setting a timer on how long I do each task and even making myself sit outside without a book or pad of paper and literally just sit there. (I realize I have additional time on my hands since I’m on a medical leave) but I’m trying to build a new rhythm where sitting without a purpose becomes the purpose. 

4- Each day I make myself connect with at least one other human and let them know how I’m really doing. It’s easy to join the culture conditioning of telling others “I’m fine” when often inside this complicated self of mine things are stirring or unsettled or scared or even quite impassioned. My spirit desires more than the accolades I receive from being brave and “doing well.” Could this relate to our role as Emotional Leaders as highly sensitive people? 

5- I’m putting my phone down and leaving it in another room. Plain and simple. 

6- As I walk or sit outside I’ve begun to pray aloud for people in my life. No idea what the results of this will be but it sure strengthens my bonds to them and keeps them close and feels like tender care to both of us.

7- Regardless of mood I still try to dance each day by myself to a fun song. 

8- I refuse to start any day without some focused quiet and reading Rilke aloud and another spiritual teacher. I end the time with over the ear headphones and playing one song that raises my consciousness above cares of the day and allows me to expect good things and even joy. 

9- I take little drives to search for Spring charms like baby foals, fawns, geese and their babies, freshly plowed fields, native wildflowers bursting from the earth. Feasts for the eyes and soul. 

10- I don’t take the little stuff for granted. I savor a smile or a wave from a neighbor, a kind tone from the worker at Trader Joes, seeing a hand written card in the mailbox, hearing a new bird sound in the yard. It all matters and is pure gift. 

– Candy

A movie I recently enjoyed and the scene that pulled me in.

I spent the entire episode deciding who I would want more for my new bf.


You miss the garden because you want a small fig from a random tree.

– Rumi

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