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Vibrant Days….
Flourishing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity
May 2020

Hello friends. It’s a bright and chilly morning in the midwest. Birds are singing and blossoms are increasing in size. Our shelter at home is still in place. I am eager to return to a less intense season of life yet also wondering if I’ve lived the life I was supposed to live during this period. Do you know what I mean?

I’ve been doing Telehealth and aware of the vast array of experiences humans are embodying. I’ve been inspired by your creativity and fortitude. I’ve also related to your depth of fear and gratefulness. It’s just all so much isn’t it? Oh my.

Here are some goodies for your precious bodies, minds and souls. You are loved and well thought of my friends.

Our bodies need movement each day! These exercises required discipline at first now my body loves them.


This blew me open and produced both chills and tears. Pay attention to every word and image.

Marriage and parenting “tips”.

Watch Parenting Tips Video – (Click Here)

Watch Marriage Tips Video Below –


2 websites I’ve been loving. &

Song I’m playing a ton. Love the line “one day we’ll all understand.”



What if we can choose to experience this liminal space and time, this uncomfortable now, as a place and state of creativity, of construction and deconstruction, choice and transformation. – Sheryl Fullerton

Hardly anything turns out the way you expected it to and you’re frequently ready to write life off as too paradoxical and too difficult to endure. Then some indescribable light fights its way through the impenetrable dark. – Paula D’Arcy

In this together,