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Vibrant Days….
Flourishing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity
March 2020

Have you heard of Tapping? In my quest to experience more physical peace amidst mounting stressors I experimented with tapping and was excited to experience immediate and potent results. I know for me including the nervous system in the mix was a game changer. Give it a try. (I use the Tapping Solution App).

Wanna have some fun and sharpen your parenting skills? Come join me on an upcoming webinar with my friend and colleague Alane Freund.

I will be joining Alane on 3/23 and would love to have you call in and participate! Go to and sign up today. Use the code INVITECC to receive a 50% discount. Elaine Aron will be featured in April. You can cancel at anytime.

(Alane Freund, Elaine Aron and me at 1440)

Why can’t all tv ads be about love?

What I’m learning about these days, the Polyvagal Theory. I am deep into learning about a theory that could change us all. Talk about including your body on the front lines. Stay tuned for more. For now enjoy this video.

What I’m dancing to these days. Love the beat, song title and the line “gotta keep, gotta keep, gotta keep your head up.”

For those of us needing a sign or nod of hope –

“May those who find themselves in a trackless and fearsome wilderness…be guarded by beneficent heavenly beings.” – Shantideva

In this together,