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Vibrant Days…
Flourishing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity
June 2022

Three Ways to View the Sunset

Father Richard describes how a simple experience such as viewing a sunset can be an opportunity for contemplative “third-eye” seeing:  

Three people stood by the ocean, looking at the same sunset.

One saw the immense physical beauty and enjoyed the event in itself. This one was the “sensing” type who, like most people in the world, deals with what can be seen, touched, moved, and fixed. This was enough reality to consider, without much interest in larger ideas, intuitions, or the grand scheme of things. This is first eye seeing, which is good.

The second person saw the sunset, and enjoyed all the beauty that the first person did. Additionally, like all lovers of coherent thought, technology, and science, this person also enjoyed comprehension of the cyclical rotation of planets and stars. Using imagination, intuition, and reason to see with a second eye was even better.

The third one saw the sunset, knowing and enjoying all that the first and second people did. With the facility to progress from seeing to explaining to “tasting,” this person also stood in awe before an underlying mystery, coherence, and spaciousness that created a connection with everything else. Engaging this third eye is the best, for it is the full goal of all seeing and all knowing.

Where might you be able to practice seeing with your “third eye” today?

Come Join Us! Thriving at Riverbank July Session

What: Psychoeducational Outdoor HSP Group

When: Thursday evenings 5:30-7:15 (Group will meet for 3 consecutive Thursdays: July 14, 21, and 28)

Where: Fabyan West Forest Preserve on Riverbank Estate, Geneva, Il

For: Adults with high sensitivity that want to transform, deepen their understanding of the trait and experience community with other highly sensitive adults.

Cost: $247 due before first session

Facilitator: Candy Crawford MSW, LCSW

Group goals/themes: 

– Experience safe, structured community with other hsps in nature

– Deepen understanding of trait via teaching, reflection and group process

– Learn and apply skills of self regulation and self care

– Deepen awareness of inner agency and strengths

– Explore what it looks and feels like to thrive as a highly sensitive person

For questions and/or registration contact me at 630.991-6200 or email

What I’ve been practicing that helps me feel more embodied


What I’m watching. I can’t do summer without loons.

What I’m pondering:

“Everything you believe affects everything that comes to you.”

– Abraham Hicks

In this together,