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Vibrant Days…. 

Flourishing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity

July 2015



It Is What It Is

No doubt you’ve heard this phrase a time or two. I tend to wince when hearing simple phrases since come on now life is anything but simple! Oh to take a pill that would make me simple! I’m in southern California relishing perfect weather, luscious scenery and life giving connections. Yesterday I spent the entire day reconnecting with an Aunt and Uncle who were foundational to my development. My Aunt recollected how as a baby she would often find me crying for no apparent reason. She then shared how as an adolescent I began asking thought-provoking, life and death questions that often had no answers. She told me I dared to share my heart and soul with her as the years went by and that my questions and soul searching led me to wonderful and painful adventures. We talked about how layered and daunting and beautiful growing up is. As I stared into my Aunt’s eyes all I could feel was gratefulness and tenderness for the way she had stayed true and attentive to the deepest parts of me. It was a moment to realize all the puzzle pieces fit and that life is bursting with meaning and fulfillment and brilliant synchronicity. It is what it is.


Somehow her poetry always fits life.


1.4 Billion people are highly sensitive.


It’s an extraordinary gift to find a perfect song. I dedicate this song to all you hsp’s who journey upon this earth.


In this together,