Vibrant Days….
Flourishing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity
January 2020

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been pausing to remember what practices and habits served me well in 2019 and jotting down what new areas I’d like to alter in 2020. This podcast surprised me with how practical the latest research is on changing habits.

Movement will be a daily goal for me this year and one that gives back tremendously. Will this be your year to taste the rewards of daily movement?

From Knowable Magazine: The workout drug

It’s been a long time since I came across such a creative list of questions to ask myself in terms of reflecting and learning what impacted and shaped my being. (If you want to get right to the questions fast forward to around 9 minutes.) Enjoy!

Listen to Ep 45: 10 Questions for the end of the year from Dec 10, 2019 on Apple Podcasts.

As many of you know I strongly encourage adults whether parents or not to read Shefali. This recent podcast holds some of her top principles and challenged me in a beautiful way.

I look forward to making this newsletter more interactive in 2020. One of my questions will be “what makes a strong positive impact on your mental health?” We will learn from each other.

I’m glad I was seated when I read this. I was in my office and said out loud “I think this might be the most powerful thing I’ve ever read in my life.” I look forward to unpacking each line. 

Jung’s Prayer

Help me not to lose my nerve
nor be stationed behind shallow comfort
dodging the call of risk and wildness.
Deepen the intention of my uniqueness,
originate my life with fire.

Grant me the authority of silence
make sure I do not exist where I am not alive.
Dream me through the changes I need.
Prepare my wounds for healing work.
Medicate me with what is real. 

May I find the heart in what is lost.
Have me stand in the place of creation.
Fill me with the raw music of classical energy,
archetype me with ordinary life.
Unstrangle my commitment to what is known,
lengthen the purpose of darkness,
color red the haunting of my struggle.
Expect in me what has lived forever.
May my hands be led to stone
my soul to water. 

In this together,