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Vibrant Days…. 

Flourishing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity

January 2015


10 Things I’ve learned about Sensitivity this year:

1. It doesn’t change. No matter what I do, think or pray, I remain sensitive. Guess it’s permanent.

2. “It takes one to know one.” Being with another hsp makes life lighter even brighter, by lifting the weight of reality.

3. We come in all shapes, styles, and spheres. Stereotyping sensitive folks doesn’t work. We are everywhere.

4. Too much is too much. How many times will it take to learn I cannot live like the majority without paying for it? Others do not have to like nor understand this in order for me to live it out.

5. What we eat and drink matters. Caffeine, sugar and alcohol are risky choices to our sensitive systems. On a positive note, eating well yields positive results.

6. HSP synonymous with Ph.D? For many of us learning is equated with thriving. I hear this from many of you “I wish I could be in school forever.” Amen to that.

7. Who is leading whom? Body-Mind-Soul. All three are front and center in every human experience.

8. Boundaries matter. Most of us weren’t taught them. Many of us are just learning how to set them. This is extremely hard work.

9. Being overwhelmed is awful and at times, debilitating. When Elaine Aron invites you to dinner and you decline due to overwhelm, you realize we really do have limitations.

10. The world needs us. I have seen the expression and validation of sensitivity more in the last year than ever. Dare to show up.


One day I would like to see this in person: 


I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.

– Anne Lamott


If you have a little time to read by the fire I found these two sets of resolutions pretty thought provoking.



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