Vibrant Days….
Flourishing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity
December 2019

Just Being Here Matters

It’s the time of year when my deep processing leaps into high gear and I find myself recording highs and lows in thought and on paper. It’s gratifying to name them. So unedited and unashamed here are the ten things I learned about life this year. If you are feeling brave email me your ten and I’ll sit and ponder them.

1- I really do (cringe) need people. Yes yes yes being alone walking, reading, traveling, driving, chewing…any and all feels scrumptious but hey who am I fooling being inside a bond or side by side another human holds immense value and meant-to-be-ness! Yes I still get triggered, annoyed and disappointed in relationships but I ain’t running too far away from them anymore.  You get what I’m saying? We need each other. We need each other. Humans are miracles.

2- My spiritual life makes a big dent in my life satisfaction quotient. The faith I grew up in no longer fits but it doesn’t even matter since “my spiritual life” is anything but mine! The belief system paradigm has been replaced by a daily display of miracles that includes a wide river of love that flows and flows and flows…and flows.

3- I need to play. Life is too serious and so I am and playing is a wonderful choice. Giggling and being goofy are strong gifts for my psyche and physical frame and any relationship that welcomes them.

4- Sleep matters. More than I ever knew. I am in a season of yucky insomnia and sleeping well is on my wish list. OBVIOUSLY some pretty dang powerful things happen to the brain when we sleep.

5- Grief still scares me. It’s a twilight zone of horror to me and although symptoms always do decrease I am finding I never “get over” these fine folks and pets I adored/adore and always will. I don’t know about you but I had no idea I’d spend so many years walking around without my parents.

6- Although “my body keeps the score” and speaks truth it certainly doesn’t convey the most accurate sense of reality and love all the time. Stay with me here. My physical self is often confused and spends time rehearsing early days gone by so there are many sensations I feel that although deeply distracting and annoying, are not fully caught up to the fact of how strong and loving and kind most of my life space is. And this has great impact on those of us who house this trait in our cells.

7- Food and drink choices matter. Darn it. My food and fitness mentor taught me to view each item I put into my body as something that will either energize OR take energy from me. Gulp. There goes about 2000 options.

8- My iPhone is my friend only 10% of the time. Truth be told it is the biggest mind, soul and minute thief in my life. (The 10% are the texts that read: sky, can you pray for me, I’m thinking of you, and wait for it “what can I bring you home for food” texts.)

9- Learning is my new caffeine. Oh I still live for coffee but learning is the gift that keeps on giving. I can’t believe how much I smile and feel energized when I learn something new.

10- Just being here matters. It’s a line from one of Rilke’s poems that has saved me more than I care to admit. When I am overwhelmed, underwhelmed, untethered, lost in loss or even moved to tears by the beauty or love in view I realize simply (and profoundly) being here is all that matters.


For many of us this season includes an acute awareness of grief. And longing.


I swear these dogs are really talking…


Because you have more time to ponder in winter I’m giving you not one but two quotes:

  • Turn to what nourishes you. – Deirdre Fay (
  • High sensitivity is neither a disorder nor a reason to brag. It’s an asset that we need to protect and use. – Elaine N. Aron

I am a newer fan of Coldplay and their latest work has my full attention. Please check out the recent streaming of their new album Everyday Life that was filmed in Jordan DURING the sunrise and then sunset. This song is my gift to you this Christmas. Let us truly make a choice to dance when the lights go out.


In this together,