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Vibrant Days…
Flourishing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity


Spring has sprung! As many of you know I begin each morning writing out yesterday’s finest moments. These are often the expression of my sensitive to subtleties capacities. Not a day goes by that doesn’t include a gift from Spring. This morning I wrote: I love and appreciate we are in a season where no weather forecast disappoints since it all sounds luscious in Spring! As I watched my nephew play tennis I spotted his wide grin looking back at me and felt the warm sun embodying the breeze on my face. A moment that felt holy all by itself. It’s moments like this I can honestly say I’m delighted to be here.

The looming Spring bird migration, switching from indoor to outdoor Pickleball and spending real time in the garden are exciting for sure but this next one could involve you: Riverbank Groups are returning and begin in mid June! We will meet in same perfect place (forest preserve) and to make things even more incredible a family of great horned owls have anointed the property with their presence. For those of you too far to meet in person I’ll be beginning another on line group that is an ideal option for first timers. Here are a few comments from previous attendees to give you a taste of what Riverbank groups feel like:

“As is the way of highly sensitive people, our reflections, ponderings, and experiences are intense and deeply personal. HSPs are also keenly aware of their differentness. This frequently leads to isolationist tendencies and the misperception that “nobody understands”. Candy’s Thriving groups offer connection of the sort highly sensitive people crave. They provide relief from the isolation through conversation, companionable silence, and communion with nature.”

“Taking part in Candy’s HSP small group sessions has been a revelation for me. Feeling understood on a deep level, less alone, and more confident about the unique strengths of this trait have been my take aways. Candy is a wonderfully down-to-earth, curious, and life affirming facilitator! This experience has launched a realistic and powerful journey toward self-acceptance.”

“Taking part in Thriving at the Riverbank has taught me new ways to embrace my trait. I spent a lot of time fighting against it, feeling like it was a handicap. Being able to relearn the “basics” with Candy and my group mates has transformed high sensitivity from a handicap to a superpower for me.”

Reach out to me with questions or to register. I am excited to journey with you!

~ Candy

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Don’t miss this, I’ll be watching too!

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Favorite bird sound these days.

What I’m pondering:

There’s so much time in a day.

You could have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on 3 different continents.

You could outline the book you’re going to write, start the screenplay adaptation, and watch Gone with the Wind, before the sun even sets.

Spend a day at work, and still have 16 hours left over.

Or you could just think 60,000 different thoughts as you tool all over town.

Hey, the record for climbing Mt. Everest is under 9 hours, leaving 15 to nap and go Yeti searching.

There’s so much time in a day. So much.

You’re rich.

~ Mike Dooley

In this together,

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