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Vibrant Days…
Flourishing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity
April 2021

Hello dear ones,

Spring has arrived with a daily dazzling show I refuse to miss. I’m making myself enter new trails and drive different roads to take it all in.

I’ve had some extra time on my hands and find myself reflecting a bit more. Last week I sat in a forest preserve with a new friend who happens to be highly sensitive and about 10 minutes into our time my spirit felt a tender appreciation of the trait. I was moved by the depth of her questions, attention to details, and the gentle way she allowed for quiet pauses between our words. For all of you providing these gifts to others please be reminded they are no small matters.

I’ve enclosed gentle care to each of you in this newsletter.

– Candy

It’s so satisfying to read an article one’s spirit responds to with “yes, yes, yes me too.”

My sister in law sent me this video. I was in awe learning about the process of goat scraping with horned locust.

Watched A Wrinkle in Time this week and was undone by this scene.

Check out this latest research on your highly sensitive brain.

No More Crisis to Hero Through 

I have no reason anymore
to be other than I am. 

The things that grow into soul,
though they depend on everything,
need no one’s approval.

And the love I’ve wanted so badly
softens in the patches of ground
showing through the snow.

We humans have misconstructed the
way. Beauty is not just to look at — it is
food and those destined to find their
beauty are also destined to be used. 

In time, we feed off each other and,
though we can taint everything with
our fear, we can be battered from our
grip until we take turns being that
which wants and that which is
found, taking lifetimes to be
the patch of light or the vine
Itching out the ground. 

– Mark Nepo

In this together,