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sunsetDoes the term mid-life crisis resonate with you?  Are things that used to satisfy falling short and leaving you unfulfilled or restless?  Do you find yourself asking “Now what?” or “Is this all there is?”

These themes often accompany the period of life we call “Mid-Life”.  What was once scorned with humor is now respected and validated in the majority of western culture.  Often these difficult and alarming thoughts, feelings, and experiences can be catalysts and turning points for needed inner transformation.  Those who are willing to take this to the next level often are amazed at the new insights, perspectives, and positive changes that can result from this work.

Many people find it helpful to meet with a counselor to get help with these issues.  If this is something you are interested in, call me at 630-991-6200.

Why To Plan a Midlife Crisis
By Candy Crawford

When I was younger I perceived people in their forties and fifties as living boring, monotonous and conservative lives. Most seemed to wear glasses and were thick around the waist. I believed the dreaming, risk taking, and adventurous parts of life were reserved for the young. After all, wasn’t this why people had mid-life crises? You’d hear of a man suddenly replacing his full size sedan for a red convertible or a housewife ditching her husband to go “find” herself? Could there be some reality within this reality? Could these real life experiences be the result of a true crisis? If so, what is a crisis? Webster’s defines crisis as: a dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval in a person’s life. What is going on here that a man feels the need for a sports car* and a wife feels the need for a new mate*? (*We know there are exceptions that don’t need an explanation.) Stay with this for a moment.

Research confirms that for the majority, this is true. Something happens during this time where one begins to feel they’ve “done it all,” routine has taken over their life, and this realization produces inner havoc and often, depression. As a therapist and mid-lifer myself I am suggesting this type of crisis is not only necessary, but often times, beneficial in the long run… (read more)