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Candy Crawford MSW LCSW
Specializing in High Sensitivity




Candy Crawford, MSW, LCSW, is a therapist, educator, and advocate for highly sensitive people.
She maintains a private practice in the Chicago area, where she specializes in Sensory Processing Sensitivity and facilitates workshops and retreats.

I am passionate in using the therapeutic relationship as a powerful tool for personal transformation. For those willing to engage in the work that therapy invites, I am confident individuals can experience increased levels of personal fulfillment, purpose, and internal freedom.

My goal is to facilitate the healing process and help clients access their own strength and courage. I enjoy working with individuals who desire more for themselves and consequently, their lives.

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Candy Crawford, MSW, LCSW

What HSP Clients Have Received Help With:

  • Learning more about the trait of high sensitivity as an adult, teen or child
  • Navigating how to live in the world with the trait
  • Developing boundaries between self and others
  • Learning how to manage symptoms of anxiety
  • Support on journey to individuate from family of origin
  • Heal from family of origin wounds
  • Dealing with overarousal and overwhelm
  • Learning to self regulate and manage emotions
  • Learn differences between isolation, merging/entanglement, and healthy intimacy
  • Engaging one’s trait within the context of relationship
  • Engaging one’s trait in the context of work
  • Engaging one’s trait in the context of the parent/child relationship
  • Parenting with the trait
  • Parenting a child with the trait
  • Engaging one’s trait living within a family
  • Navigating the western medicine world
  • Navigating school systems
  • Learning and implementing self care
  • Discovering one’s employment path

“Individuation involves two movements, inward to discover the one who is, and outward to learn about one’s place in the function of the world.” (June Singer from The Power of Love)

What We Do


HSP – Highly Sensitive Person Trait

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Private Practice

Work on issues related to Self and trait in context of therapeutic relationship. Deeper level work. Client must be a resident of the state of Illinois.

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Learn about trait in general. Can be in person or over phone. I consult with individuals and/or groups. Clients do not have to be residents of Illinois.

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Workshops & Conference

I teach half day, full day and weekend
workshops on various facets of the trait.
*See list of examples on Events page
Rates: Inquire within.