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Vibrant Days…
Flourishing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity


Greetings friends – 

It’s a splendid summer morning. I’m in the shade taking a break from watering. It has felt valuable discovering my summer rhythms (what feels necessary to thrive).  So far rising with first light, spending time beside the garden simply watching the arrivals and departures of creatures and ending the day saying goodnight to the sky feels essential. What also feels important is staying in self and not collecting emotions that aren’t mine to carry and keeping my nervous system regulated. If either of those spark your interest, consider joining us at Riverbank where we will discuss ways to do just that. I can guarantee you will meet kind people and enjoy yourself and sweat a little bit beside the magnificent river.

I am honored to journey with you,

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Thriving At Riverbank July In Person or Virtual Sessions

Thriving At Riverbank August In Person or Virtual Sessions


What free app I am loving:

What I’m listening to: Am I the only one who dials in immediately to songs that mention sensitivity?

What new film I adored and can’t wait to see again:

In this together,

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