Candy Crawford and Elaine Aron, Ph.D. co-hosting the 1st Midwest HSP Retreat

Candy Crawford MSW LCSW

I am passionate in using the therapeutic relationship as a powerful tool for personal transformation. For those willing to engage in the work that therapy invites, I am confident individuals can experience increased levels of personal fulfillment, purpose, and internal freedom.

My goal is to facilitate the healing process and help clients access their own strength and courage. I enjoy working with individuals who desire more for themselves and consequently, their lives.

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What HSP Clients Have Received Help With:

  • Understanding, accepting and integrating their trait of high sensitivity
  • Navigating in concrete ways how to live as an HSP in a non-HSP world
  • Distinguishing boundaries between self and others
  • Transitioning from life patterns of being other-centered/focused to living in oneself with balanced awareness of others
  • Learning to differentiate between over arousal (having too much to process) and anxiety
  • Learning to manage emotions and self regulate
  • Addressing loss and learning to grieve
  • Learning the difference between isolation, entanglement and intimacy
  • Incorporating one’s sensitivity within relationships
  • Identifying and healing from family of origin wounds
  • Addressing issues of low self worth
  • Addressing issues in one’s work place
  • Navigating the western medicine world
  • Experiencing holistic healthcare in regards to nutrition, stress reduction and exercise
  • Discovering and implementing healthy self care
  • Living with chronic pain
  • Parenting as an hsp
  • Parenting an hsp child
  • Identifying and expressing one’s unique passions in the world
“Individuation involves two movements, inward to discover the one who is, and outward to learn about one’s place in the function of the world.” (June Singer from The Power of Love)